Oracle OIC - ERP Adapter Filter Business Events

We can use ERP adapter to consume Business Events from Fusion and process them. We can use the ERP adapter at trigger point and select Business Events Operations and select the particular business event. 

Example : Invoice Hold Applied. 

This will create a subscriber entry in Fusion.  We can verify subscriber details using following URL. This will ask for credentials and need to provide valid credentials.

All events are triggered from Fusion.  Fusion will use the subscriber details and invoke integrations.  

Sample Invoice Hold Payload:

<ns01:onEvent xmlns:ns01="">   <ns0:ApInvHoldAppliedInfo xmlns:ns0="">      <ns0:InvoiceId>         <ns0:newValue value="XXXXXXX00000001"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:InvoiceId>      <ns0:OrgId>         <ns0:newValue value="XXXXXXX00000002"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:OrgId>      <ns0:HoldId>         <ns0:newValue value="72011"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:HoldId>      <ns0:HoldLookupCode>         <ns0:newValue value="AMT REC"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:HoldLookupCode>      <ns0:HoldReason>         <ns0:newValue value="Amount billed exceeds amount received."/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:HoldReason>      <ns0:LineNumber>         <ns0:newValue value=""/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:LineNumber>      <ns0:HeldBy>         <ns0:newValue value="5"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:HeldBy>      <ns0:HoldDate>         <ns0:newValue value="2021-06-04T06:27:33"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:HoldDate>      <ns0:LineLocationId>         <ns0:newValue value="XXXXXXX00000003"/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:LineLocationId>      <ns0:RcvTransactionId>         <ns0:newValue value=""/>         <ns0:oldValue/>      </ns0:RcvTransactionId>   </ns0:ApInvHoldAppliedInfo></ns01:onEvent>

Use the following Filter Expression to filter a specific Hold. 

<xpathExpr xmlns:ns0="">$eventPayload/ns0:HoldLookupCode/ns0:newValue/@value='AMT REC'</xpathExpr>

$eventPayload: Inbuilt variable which will contain the payload. 


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