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Custom XPATH Function in SOA 11g

This post will explain how to create a custom function and configure in SOA 11g 1. Create a JAVA Class which we need to use it as a custom function. 2. The XSLT processor needs the custom Xpath function to be implemented as Static Java Method with a particular  signature as mentioned below. public class SOAConstants {   public static class SOAConstantsXPathFunction     implements IXPathFunction   {     public Object call (IXPathContext paramIXPathContext, List paramList)       throws XPathFunctionException     {       if ((paramList.size() == 2) && ((paramList.get(0) instanceof String)) && ((paramList.get(1) instanceof String))) {         try         {           String str = getPropertyValue(paramList);           return str;         }         catch (Exception localException)         {           System.out.println("The Exception : " + localException);         }       }       throw new XPathFunctionException("Pass Only the Service