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Oracle Fusion - User and Role Sync from Fusion to IDCS

Refer my previous blogs for configuring SSO and OAuth authentication between IDCS and Fusion applications.  In this blog , I will explain how to sync Users (Can be used to migrate Existing Users from Fusion to IDCS) and Roles from Fusion.  Note:  As I explained in my earlier blogs, user can be originated in Fusion or IDCS. In case users are getting created in SaaS and then it requires to Sync with IDCS then we can use the following Sync configurations.  This configuration can also be used as a pre cutover activity to Sync an existing users from fusion and then use IDCS as an user Origin.  Once the Sync is done , we can disable this configuration.  As we all know , roles will be originated only in Fusion and these roles can be synched to IDCS to create corresponding roles in IDCS.   Pre Requisite :  Create an IDCS client application with User Admin roles.  Login to IDCS Go to Applications Create Confidential Application. Provide Name as - Fusion IDCS Application.  Next Page - Select con