Friday, 10 May 2019

Middleware Selection Criteria

  1. Usability: ask yourself about the degree of complexity of the installation, the supplementary tools that you need and the type of usability of the development environment.
  2. Maintainability: how is the product managed? Can you monitor the services by means of a graphical user interface?
  3. Community: Is there content available for the platform? Are there active public forums?
  4. Company support: Here you need to know whether the support service is provided during business hours, if it has a direct line, e-mail, on-site support, etc.
  5. Functionality: types of features provided.
  6. Flexibility: Is it possible to customize the product? Does it meet the company’s specific needs?
  7. Expansion ability: What types of standards do the interfaces use? Does it have extensions?
  8. Connectors: Are there available adapters for B2B products such as SAP or Salesforce?
  9. Costs: Calculate the total cost of owning the product: maintenance, necessary auxiliary products, connectors, licenses, etc.
  10. Licenses: Type of license and subscription model. Are updates free? Do they have alternatives when requirements change?