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Simple Steps to Create an HCM Extract.

Steps to Create an HCM  Extract : Login to HCM Go to data exchange.  In Tasks (Right menu), select Manage Extract Definition.  Select create ( + ) Give a name to Extract. Give Start Date value. 01-Jan-2000   The Start date is an effective start date that applies to all date-effective interactions in the current session. Select extract type HR Archive is for getting assignment and person details.  Payroll interface is for getting payroll related details. Create Data Group Give Group Name.  Give Display  Name.  Select User Entity based on the data you want to extract.    Example :  PER_EXT_SEC_ASSIGNMENT_UE     PER_EXT_EMAIL_ADDRESSES_UE set Threading Action Type = Object Action Select Threading Database Item - It will be the unique value of the Main table that will be used to join or get the values.   Example : Extract Assignment ID Create a Record Give a Record Name. Give a Tag name - This value will be a XML tag (Parent Tag) value under which the at

HCM Extract Issue Resolutions

Failure: Due to oracle.xdo.server.ReportException: oracle.xdo.servlet.CreateException: java.lang.SecurityException: Security violation: /Custom/Project/Entity/DemoATest.xdo, user: fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid, permission: 192  Solution  Go to HCM Analytics Go to the report path Select the report Click More options and select permissions.  Add BI Consumer Role Select Custom Permission and Add all the permission.  Dummy File Deleted Solution : There may be multiple issues.  Check and make sure data model is attached the report.  Use Global Payroll Data model --- Dont miss this Shared Folders/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Data Models/globalReportsDataModel Check proper output format is selected  The report cannot be rendered because of an error, please contact the administrator. java.lang.NullPointerException Solution : After you upload the template to a report, select view report option .  If there is no error then it will display as Report Compile

SOACS Instance Auto Purge Configuration.

Go to SOA-INFRA -> SOA Administration -> Auto Purge Auto Purge Job Name -SOA Flow Purge Job 1 and Enable it.  Provide Job Schedule details as per below . Run every Day at Midnight FREQ=DAILY; BYHOUR=00; Run every weekday at midnight FREQ=DAILY; BYDAY=MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI; BYHOUR=00; Run every weekend at midnight and 05:00AM FREQ=DAILY; BYDAY=SAT,SUN; BYHOUR=00,05; Run every weekday 30 minutes past midnight FREQ=DAILY; BYDAY=MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI; BYHOUR=00; BYMINUTE=30; Run every weekend 30 minutes past midnight and 5AM FREQ=DAILY; BYDAY=SAT,SUN; BYHOUR=00,05; BYMINUTE=30; Run every friday at midnight FREQ=DAILY; BYDAY=FRI; BYHOUR=0; Purge Type -> Single Retain Data ->  7 or 30 days.  Batch Size