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SOA - FTP Adapter

SOA File / FTP Adapters enable BPEL process to exchange the files on local or remote file systems.  Steps to Create File Adapter Drag and drop the file adapter component  to component pallet. Provide the File adapter name under Service Name Select Define from operation and schema (specified later) option select the Operation Read File Write File Synchronous Read file List Files Mention the physical or logical path in the next page Mention the Archive path if the file needs to the archived after reading  Select Delete file after successful retrieval option if we  need to delete the file after successful read Mention the type of files which needs to be processed Mention the file polling frequency  Create a schema file using existing file in the message window by clicking the settings icon After creating schema select finish Difference between Read File and Synchronous Read File Operation   Synchronous Read :  It is a synchronous operation and follow r