Wednesday, 24 June 2020

OIC - Receive Bulk Import ERP Callback using SOAP Adapter

Use the following WSDL to receive a callback from ERP Application. Configure a SOAP adapter with following WSDL and select SAML assertion as a security policy. 

Provide this integration URL in ERP Bulk import request message to receive a callback. 


xmlns:tns="" xmlns:inp1="" xmlns:wsdl="">
      <xsd:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="unqualified" targetNamespace="" xmlns:xsd="">
         <xsd:element name="onJobCompletion">
                  <xsd:element type="xsd:int" name="requestId"/>
                  <xsd:element type="xsd:string" name="state"/>
                  <xsd:element name="resultMessage" type="xsd:string"/>
   <wsdl:message name="onJobCompletionRequestMessage">
      <wsdl:part name="ERPCallbackInput_pn" element="inp1:onJobCompletion"/>
   <wsdl:portType name="onJobCompletion_ptt">
      <wsdl:operation name="onJobCompletion">
         <wsdl:input message="tns:onJobCompletionRequestMessage"/>

OIC - REST Adapter - Receive Attachment and Upload To Object Storage

Use the following Steps to accept the Attachment in the request message. 
  • Create an APP Driven Orchestration
  • Add Rest Adapter at the trigger action
  • Provide Name and URI 
  • Select POST/PUT operation
  • Select Configure Request and Response Payload options. 
  • Under Request page , select Accept attachment option. 
  • If you are expecting additional payload , add the sample Json payload. 
  • Under Response page, provide sample Json payload 
  • Select Done. 

Use the following Steps to upload the incoming attachment to an Object Storage. 

  • Add an Object Storage REST adapter. 
  • Give a name and URI - /n/{tenancy_name}/b/{bucket_name}/o/{object_name}
  • Select PUT operation. 
  • Select Configure Request payload. 
  • Under Request Page , select Binary as a Request format option. 
  • Complete the settings. 

Map Incoming Attachment to Object Storage.

  • Source section , Select Request wrapper
  • Go to Attachments
  •  Select Attachment Reference 
  • Drag and Drop it to Target Stream element.