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Oracle SOA Adapter Tuning Properties

DB Adapter Distributed Polling - While creating DB adapter to poll the records from DB, select  Distributed Polling under polling configuration. This property will  automatically uses the syntax SELECT FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED that means the same row cannot be processed multiple times.                                                                                                                            Singleton Process:   In case of distributed polling (Cluster having multiple Servers) , all the managed servers try to poll and process the records from the DB.  This will have a performance issue.  The JCA Binding Component supports active fail over of inbound Adapter Services. To enable this fail over feature for a given inbound adapter endpoint, we must add the singleton JCA service binding property in the composite.xml within the <binding.jca> element and set it to a value of true.              <binding.jca config="SchedulerPollDBAdapter_db.jca">