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Weblogic SAF Configuration

Weblogic SAF agents allow us to store the message  in local persistence , in case the remote server is not available. Once the remote server is up , the SAF agents will forward the message to destination. This will overcome the message loss issues when the destination is not available.  Following configurations needs to be done to achieve SAF mechanism. At Destination side.     1. Create a JMS server     2.  Create a JMS Module     3. Create a Sub-deployment. Targeting to JMS server     4. Create a JMS Topic or Queue targeting to Sub-Deployment     5. Create a Connection Factory. At Source Side.    1. Create a JMS server    2. Create a JMS Module    3. Create a Subdeployment - Targeting to SAF Agent    4. Create a Connection Factory    5. Create a SAF Remote Context  (This will have a remote server URL, Login Id and Password)    6. Create SAF Imported Destination (Use SAF Remote Context here)    7. Create a Topic /Queue under SAF Imported Destination.