Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Simple Steps to Create an HCM Extract.

Steps to Create an HCM  Extract :

  1. Login to HCM
  2. Go to data exchange. 
  3. In Tasks (Right menu), select Manage Extract Definition. 
  4. Select create ( + )
  5. Give a name to Extract.
  6. Give Start Date value. 01-Jan-2000  
  7. The Start date is an effective start date that applies to all date-effective interactions in the current session.
  8. Select extract type
    • HR Archive is for getting assignment and person details. 
    • Payroll interface is for getting payroll related details.
  9. Create Data Group
    • Give Group Name. 
    • Give Display  Name. 
    • Select User Entity based on the data you want to extract.  
      •  Example :
    • set Threading Action Type = Object Action
    • Select Threading Database Item - It will be the unique value of the Main table that will be used to join or get the values.
      •   Example : Extract Assignment ID
  10. Create a Record
    • Give a Record Name.
    • Give a Tag name - This value will be a XML tag (Parent Tag) value under which the attribute values will be coming.
    • Select Type as Detail Record.
    • Process Type as Fast Formula .
  11. Create Attributes - Individual data elements. 
    • Give a Name Value
    • Give a XML tag value. 
    • Short code 
    • Output label value -- All these four values can be same. 
    • Select type as DBI group. 
    • Select the value 
      •   Example :  Extract Assignment ID , Person Number , Person Name , etc. 
      • Set KEy attribute for primary unique value. 
    • Save. 
  12. We can add the conditions at DG level to filter the data. 
  13. Create Data group relationship under Data Groups.
    •   Select the child DG.
    •   select create option under connect DG.
    •   Select the parent DG.
    •   Select the Parent DBI Item  - Parent joining value.
      •     Example - Extract Assignment Person ID
    •   Select chile DBI - Child Joining element value
      •     Example - Extract E-Mail Person ID
    • We can add the filter at the group level or attribute level. 
  14. Go to extract delivery
    • Select add
    • Provide a name for delivery option.
    • Select an output type 
      •   Ex : Text for a CSV and we need to attach a template. 
      •    Data for XML out put and we dont need to attach a template. 
    • Give an output file name. 
    • Select delivery type as None.
    • Save the changes. 
  15. Go to extract execution tree Compile all formulas.
    • Refreh and make sure all formulas are compiled. 
  16. Submit Extract to run the extract. 

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