Friday, 21 May 2021

Oracle OIC - ERP Adapter with OAuth Authentication

Oracle has introduced an OAuth authentication mechanism to access ERP application using ERP adapter in OIC. 

This will solve the following security issues. 

  1. Can maintain user credentials in IDCS. 
  2. Wont require to reset the passwords during P2T refresh. 
  3. Better security compared to basic authentication. 
  4. Authentication will work even password will get expired in IDCS or Fusion. 

  • Create an ERP Enterprise resource application. 


  • Create a confidential application 
    • Select Configure as a client application
    •  Select appropriate Grant Types
    • Provide callback URL 
      • https://<OIC_HOST_NAME>/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback
    • Select Client Type as Trusted if required and import SaaS certificate 
    • Add Scope
      • Select ERP Enterprise application which we created earlier. 
      • Select the scope
    • Save changes
    • Activate the application
    • Collect Client Id and Secret. 
  • OIC Configurations:
    • Login into OIC using admin or developer access.
      • Make sure this user has got an access to Oracle Fusion as well. 
    • Create ERP Adapter with Invoke Operation. 
      • Provide SaaS URL
      • Select Authentication type as OAuth.
        • Provide Client Id and Secret which we got above. 
        • Provide Authorization  and Token URL.
          • https://idcs-<Id>
          • https://idcs-<Id>
        • Provide Scope Value (Get it from IDCS client application.)
        • Add offline_access to the scope. 
          • https://<SaaS_Host_Name> offline_access
      • Select Provide Consent.
        • Provide IDCS user credentials. 
      • Save and Test the connection.

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