Sunday, 12 January 2020

ORACLE OIC - Download and Install Connectivity Agents

Connectivity agents are used to connect with on-premise and Oracle DBCS servers .

Use the following steps to download and install the agents.

Note:  Use the following command to check the connectivity between on premise server and OIC.

curl -u OIC_USER_ID:OIC_PASSWORD -v -X GET https://<OIC_HOST_NAME>/ccapi/agent/1.0.0/agentDefinition/<OIC_AGENT_GROUP>

  • Create an agent group and download the connectivity agent. 
  • Transfer the zip file to on-premise or DBCS server
  • Unzip the file. 
  • Update InstallerProfile.cfg with OIC URL , Agent Group Identfier and User credentials. 
           Sample File : 


                                #Optional Parameters  , OIC login credentials. If you want the script to run in  background then provide the following credentials. 
  • run the installation command. Use nohup to run the installation in background. 
                   nohup java -jar connectivityagent.jar &
  • Verify the logs to check the Agent status. 
  • Check the OIC console to see the agents. Agent group will show the agent count and status. 


  1. Hi Vijaya, Thanks for a wonderful blog. It has helped me in many urgent fixing of agent related issue.

  2. Great explanation, it helped a lot in agent configuration. Thank you.