Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Taleo to HCM Integration using Taleo Webservices

Use the following steps to extract the data from Taleo .

  • Use the following catalog WSDL to get the existing service details .  Following URL includes services which will provide candidate information. 
  • Open the WSDL using internet explorer. 
  • Right click the service and download the WSDL files.  We cant use the WSDL URL directly in SOAP UI.  Because of this reason we need to download the file. 
    • https://TaleoHostName/enterprise/soap?ServiceName=IntegrationManagementService?WSDL

  • Use the following catalog WSDL to get the transaction related service details.
  • Follow the above mentioned steps to download the WSDL files. 
    • https://TaleoHostName/transition/soap?ServiceName=IntegrationManagementService?WSDL

  • Get the required service WSDL URL's from above catalog service. 
  • Sample Service WSDL's for getting transaction and candidate details from Taleo are
    • To Get Transaction Entities
      • https://TaleoHostName/transition/soap?ServiceName=FindService?WSDL
    • To Get Candidate Entities. 
      • https://TaleoHostName/enterprise/soap?ServiceName=FindService?WSDL

  • Use the following sample request to get the Transaction details.

  • Use the following sample request message to get the Candidate Information.

  • Get the respons from Taleo for above requests. 
  • Create a response XSD using above response messages from Taleo
  • Use the response XSD message to map the response from Taleo to a structured response message using XSLT. 
  • Map the values from Taleo response message to corresponding HDL file. 
  • Use the following NXSD to write a HDL file. 

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