Wednesday, 31 July 2019

MFT Event Driven Integration with SOA

Use the following steps to create MFT flow.

  1.  Create a transfer. 
  2.  After you create a transfer , select create a source option
  3. Provide source name and source type ex: SFTP or FILE
  4. Provide the SFTP login credentials and source location. 
  5. Submit create.
  6. Open the source , Go to Source schedule
  7. Select Event option.   Next event option click the link and get the WSDL URL . 
    • http://localhost/mftapp/services/MFTEventService?WSDL 
      • Source Encryption or Decryption
        • We can encrypt or decrypt a file at source before transfer. 
        • Select actions in source page. 
        • select the Encryption or Decryption option
        • Provide the encryption or decryption key. 
        •  For encryption, you must reference the public PGP key alias. For decryption, you must reference the private PGP key alias.
      • We can archive or delete the file by providing necessary details in advanced/operations tab. 
  8. Select create target and provide the target details and submit create button. 
  9. Save all the changes and deploy. 
Use the following steps to configure SOA integration to invoke MFT. 
  1. Create a composite.
  2. Create a SOAP target with above MFT WSDL . 
  3. Select submitEvent operation to process the source files. 
  4. Provide Source name in the request message. 
  5. MFT will submit the event and provide the event id. 
  6. Use the event id and invoke getEventStatus operation to get the status of the MFT file transfer. 
    • Alternatively we can use following rest API's
      • /mftapp/rest/v1/events
      • /mftapp/rest/v1/events/{eventSessionId}
  7. Response will have multiple status if there are more than one file. 
  8. If the status says in process then wait for few mins and re submit the get status operation. 
  9. Check the status of each file transfer and take action. 

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