Saturday, 2 January 2021

OIC - New Features

Asserter to store the run results and can be used to replay the request. 

Oracle OIC agent framework uses OIC messaging channel , Oracle SaaS agent and one or more connectivity agents.

Agents polls for outbound invocations. It also support triggers configured with Agents. 

One Agent is enough to connect with all your on premise applications.  We dont need to have multiple agents for each connection. 

Agent group can contain multiple agents configured in different hosts in on premise server and they can act like HA server. 

ATP Connections : 

1. Login to OCI
2. Go to Autonomous Database
3. Select a  compartment
4. It will display the configured ATP.
5. Select the DB connection option on top
6. Download the Wallet 
7. Provide the Password while downloading the wallet. Zip file will get downloaded
8. Extract the zip file and you will find TNS file.  
9. TNS file will have an entry for each consumer type - HIGH , LOW , MEDIUM
10.  Get the required connection details from tns file
11. Select Authentication type as JDBC over SSL.
12. Updload the Wallet Zip file 
13. Provide Wallet password. 
14. Provide DB user name and password. 

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