Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Convert PEM file to PPK file

We cant use PEM file to access servers using PUTTY.  You need to convert the PEM file to PPK and then you can use the PPK file to connect to unix machine using PUTTY. 

Use the following steps to convert the PEM files to PPK file.

  • Download the PEM file 
  • Open the PuttyGen app
  • Select Type of key to generate option at the bottom as RSA.
  • Select Load
  • Select the downloaded PEM file. 
  • Putty gen will generate both PPK and Public Key. 
  • Download the ppk using Save private key option.
  • Copy the public key content from the top window and save it as public key. 
  • Use Putty and add ppk file under Auth option. 
  • Connect to Server. 

-- Happy Learning

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