Tuesday, 27 August 2019

HCM Extract Issue Resolutions

  • Failure: Due to oracle.xdo.server.ReportException: oracle.xdo.servlet.CreateException: java.lang.SecurityException: Security violation: /Custom/Project/Entity/DemoATest.xdo, user: fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid, permission: 192 
    • Solution 
      • Go to HCM Analytics
      • Go to the report path
      • Select the report
      • Click More options and select permissions. 
      • Add BI Consumer Role
      • Select Custom Permission and Add all the permission. 

  • Dummy File Deleted
    • Solution :
      • There may be multiple issues. 
        • Check and make sure data model is attached the report.  Use Global Payroll Data model --- Dont miss this
          • Shared Folders/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Data Models/globalReportsDataModel
        • Check proper output format is selected 
  • The report cannot be rendered because of an error, please contact the administrator. java.lang.NullPointerException
    • Solution :
      • After you upload the template to a report, select view report option . 
      • If there is no error then it will display as Report Compiled  Otherwise it will display the above mentioned error. 
      • Main reason would be the structure of the template. 
      • We should always follow the below format while creating the template
COUNT(PersonDetails) > 0

(PersonDetails/PersonNumber IS NOT NULL)
  • The template is not mandatory if output type = Data only, else for all other output types, it is mandatory.
  • For Output Type XML and PDF you should mention the template name.
  • Delivery file output type i.e. PDF, CSV, XML, DOC.
    • The value you choose should be compatible with the Template/Layout you provided in delivery option.
  • Choose Output Type as Text when the expected output format is text or CSV or delimited file.
  • Note
    • If the expected output format is PDF / HTML / DOC, then RTF template should have been created in BIP. 
    • If the expected output format is text / CSV / delimited file, then eText template should have been created in BIP.
Note:  Use following steps to add custom filtering at DG level. 

  • Select the DG
  • Got to Data Group Filter Criteria
  • Select Edit Option. 
  • Go to advanced option and update the SQL.
    • Sample SQL :

((pay_report_utils.get_parameter_value_date('EFFECTIVE_DATE') BETWEEN abspl.effective_start_date AND abspl.effective_end_date)
    AND accrual.accrual_period = (select MAX(fusacc.ACCRUAL_PERIOD) from fusion.anc_per_accrual_entries fusacc where fusacc.person_id = accrual.person_id
AND accrual.PLAN_ID = fusacc.PLAN_ID
AND fusacc.ACCRUAL_PERIOD < pay_report_utils.get_parameter_value_date('EFFECTIVE_DATE')
group by fusacc.person_id,fusacc.PLAN_ID))

pay_report_utils.get_parameter_value_date  :  To get the Parameters. 
Use Fusion.Table Name to use the table. 


  1. Thanks Vijay. This post helped me to solve the issue of HCM extract

  2. Hi Vijay,

    After adding template to my extract it is not generating output and went into error state. basically it is not able to transfer the output as attachment. It throws below error:
    An application error occurred. An assertion failure was detected at location ProcReportPayAct.childRequestStatus:1.

    Can you help me to resolve this ?

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